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Tacti-Cool pistol classes fill up quickly, so please contact us to reserve your spot today.

Our classes include a Women's 101 class, Advanced Pistol class, and a Basic Pistol class every Friday.

"Women’s 101 & Advanced Pistol" classes
Both are 4 part classes, which typically take place every other Thursday evening, for 2 months. These classes run from 6:30pm until approx 9:30pm. Cost for the class is $125

Women’s 101
This is a basic 4 part series pistol class covering semi-auto, and revolver handguns. The class focuses on safe handling, proper weapon control, grip/sight picture/sight alignment, pistol parts, ammunition, and range time with an instructor. This class is perfect for first time shooters, or women who need a refresher in pistol basics. We provide all of the firearms, ammunition, and safety equipment for the class. The final class consists of a shoot-off to win a FREE pistol.

Women’s Advanced Pistol
Graduation from our Women’s 101 class is a prerequisite for enrollment, and is limited to a maximum of 9 students. The Advanced Pistol class is a 4 part series, and focuses 100% on time in the range with instructors. Skills covered are: Drawing from a holster, reloading, shooting on the move, shooting from cover, pistol marksmanship, and mindset. Students are required to provide their own handgun, 3 magazines, holster, magazine pouch, and ammunition. The final Advanced Pistol class consists of a shoot-off for a $100 gift certificate, and a 1 year free range pass.


$75 per person (Plus gun rental & ammunition, if needed)

 This is a basic class covering the safe handling of both semi-auto, and revolver, handguns. This class is great for new pistol owners, first time shooters, and people who need a refresher in pistol handling skills. Class focus is on safe handling, pistol parts, ammunition, proper grip/sight picture/sight alignment/stance, and ends shooting in the range under direct supervision of an instructor. Class is offered for both men and women, as well as children 8 or older (with a parent).

 Classes start at 2pm, and run until store closing at 6pm (4 hours). Students do not need to bring a handgun, ammunition, or any other equipment. Tacti-Cool can provide all firearms, ammunition, and hearing/eye protection at additional cost.

Please speak to a store employee to check on available class dates. Class size is limited to no more than 5 people.

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