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1991 BMY/Harsco M931-A2, 5 ton 6X6
Cummins 8.3L Turbo Diesel, Allison automatic 5 speed transmission
Equipped with CTIS (Central Tire Inflation System)

This 5 ton 6X6 truck served with the United States Marine Corps as a 5th wheel equipped M931-A2 tractor. She was never deployed overseas, and received regular maintenance on base. She spent her service life hauling military gear around, and between, USMC bases. With less than 23,000 miles on the odometer she was sold at auction to FTF technologies, in San Clemente, California.

Once purchased from FTF Technologies she was transformed into her current condition, by request. The 5th wheel trailer hauling assembly was removed, along with the extra air lines needed for hauling air brake equipped military trailers. A full size 5 ton M923 cargo bed was cut down, and modified to fit, the shorter tractor frame of our M931. The troop seat fencing on the bed was also cut down, and modified to fit the shorter bed. The entire truck was repainted in it's current green and black camo configuration.

The truck is driven everyday, and is featured in several local parades every year.

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